Iranian hospital in Dubai, or supreme leader’s office?

–Stopping Dubai’s insurance services to Iranian hospital in Dubai surprised everyone – a hospital whose land was donated by Sheikh Rashid the former ruler of Dubai and was 50 years old. November 2018. The statement of Dubai’s healthcare delegation says that insurance services to this hospital will halt until it adapts itself to regulations of Dubai health centers. Dubai health delegation expressed regrets that this heath center has put itself in such a situation. But what is the difference between this hospital and other health centers in Dubai? One should just take a look at the Iranian hospital in Dubai. There is one essential difference. The atmosphere of this hospital changes in accordance with religious and political occasions in Iran. Black flags and religious and political propaganda appear occasionally in the hospital’s atmosphere. Take a look at the other side of the hospital: Imam Hossein Mosque. At first, it looks like an ordinary Shiite mosque, just like other Shiite mosques in Dubai. But as a matter of fact, this mosque is the unofficial office of the supreme leader in Emirates. The holders of the mosque’s membership cards get discounted services from the Iranian hospital. This is another trick for involving religious beliefs in Emirates’ health atmosphere and attracting people who are after cheap health services to one of the supreme leader’s offices. This is religious propaganda in a country whose health centers are bound to offer services to any human being, regardless of his religion. Have Iranians living abroad too been sacrificed to the supreme leader’s ideological policies?