Ali Khamenei lashes out at Warsaw Summit

Ali Khamenei: Take a look at their conditions in Syria, take a look at their conditions in Afghanistan, take a look at their conditions in Iraq. These problems make them angry. And then you see that those dim-witted statesmen – who, as I said, are first-class idiots – become angry against the Iranian nation and start foul mouthing and cursing, doing everything they can. And they form Warsaw Summit, which is to no avail. They invite the countries that are their own allies and are their own mercenaries and are weak and intimidated to Warsaw to make decisions against Islamic Republic. And they didn’t reach any conclusion.

[Death to America]

Ali Khamenei: These are all signs of the enemy’s weakness. So the enemy is weak. When the enemy is weak, it makes a lot of empty threats.

[Death to America, Death to Britain, Death to Hypocrites and Infidels, Death to Israel]

Ali Khamenei: Of course, many of the leaders of the so-called Muslim countries were disgraced. They became disgraced. Some of them sat with Zionist regime in Warsaw and other places and formed alliances with Zionists and Americans. They have no honor among their own nations – be they from the Arabs of the Gulf region, or some others. They have no honor among their own nation.

[Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei slams Warsaw Summit, calling it fruitless.]