Khamenei lists problems in US

Ali Khamenei: Today our enemy is weak. The main enemy of Islamic Republic — that is arrogance and its embodiment is America’s invasive regime — has problems today. They have both domestic and international issues. There are issues among the leaders of the country. As we see in the news, they have problems with each other. They have stunning debts – the US administration to the people and to foreign countries. They have $1.5 trillion in debts. They have domestic social issues. According to their own documents – this is not our domestic intelligence, but the intelligence that we have taken from themselves and is in their press and document which has come to our possession – their people and youth suffer from depression and suicide. [Rate of] murder in America is more than anywhere else in the world. Every day there are significant number of murders in America – either people killing each other or people getting killed by the police. Problem with addiction and drug. Annually, $100 billion is spent on narcotic drugs in America. According to their own statistics, America spends $50 billion to fight narcotic drugs in the country, but to no avail. Every day narcotic drug is developing there. They have problems.

[Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei talks about problems that exist in the United States such as debts, addiction, murder. Meanwhile, people in Iran are facing serious problems to access the most essential things such as meat, rice, etc.]