Khamenei to Iranian officials: Don’t be deceived by Europeans

Ali Khamenei: My advice to the country’s officials is to know the enemy well and not be deceived by the enemy’s deception. The enemy has different ways. Sometimes he shows his teeth. Sometimes he shows his fist. And sometimes he smiles. They all mean the same. The enemy’s smile is the same as showing his teeth. It is not different. It is enmity. The spite and resentment in their unclean hearts towards Islam, Muslims, and particularly Islamic Republic is much more than what appears in their words. They [Iranian officials] shouldn’t be deceived by the enemy. They shouldn’t fall for the enemy’s deception. As you can see, the West is really acting deceitful. As for Americans, it is no longer deception, they openly show their swords. The Europeans are acting deceitfully. I don’t say what they [Iranian officials] should do, but the officials must be careful not to be deceived. They should be careful not to be deceived or fooled by the enemy. They shouldn’t create any problems for themselves or the nation, hoping to do something. They should be neither deceived nor intimidated by the enemy. They must know God’s hand is above all.

[Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei lashes out at the Americans and Europeans, asking Iranian officials not to be deceived by Europeans’ deception.]