IRGC commander vows revenge, warns Saudi Arabia and Emirates

Major-General Mohammad Ali Jafari: What our nation must know is that the security forces of IRGC, Basij, and the law enforcement are ready to sacrifice their lives to deepen the security in the borders. And by God’s help, they will vengeance for the blood of these oppressed martyrs from the enemies. Given the shortage of time, I will only mention a few points. What you should know is that in addition to plans of Americans and occupying, infanticidal Israelis to create insecurity and terror in out country, security organizations of Saudi Arabia and Emirates – and we can tell you today openly and explicitly that there is reliable intelligence in this regard – have different plans for creating insecurity, particularly in southern east of Iran, given the grounds that exist in Iran-Pakistan Baluchistan region. There is reliable intelligence in this regard. What our different officials including the head of Supreme National Security Council and the president [Rouhani] have mentioned is that from now on Islamic Republic – the holy establishment of Islamic Republic – will not have former considerations. And if such measures continue – and even for revenging the blood of these dear martyrs – it will directly take action.

[At a ceremony commemorating IRGC forces who were recently killed in southern east of Iran in a suicide attack, IRGC commander, Major-General Mohammad Ali Jafari, accused security organizations of Saudi Arabia and Emirates of having different plans to create insecurity in that part of Iran, vowing to take revenge for those were killed.]