The Iranian Revolutionary


The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, whose operations in the past were focused on the West and the South, must today be ready to go to northern Africa, to go to eastern Asia, and to go to the heart of the Europe. We must be prepared for undertaking global operations. Well, we are veterans and our age is increasing, we are getting old, so it is necessary that the next young generation must be brought up and raised within the coming four decades in a way that could be entirely ready to go for aiding and assisting their Muslim brothers   in Northern Africa, south Africa, east Asia, central Asia, in the heart of Europe, to liberate and free Muslims.


Our Islamic revolution has become an international revolution. We kept saying that we would export the revolution, will export it; now it is done, the revolution is exported. At the current time, our forces are present in all five continents are fighting everywhere against arrogance.

We must pave the way prior to the reappearance of the twelfth Imam [the ultimate savior of humankind and the final Imam according to Shia doctrine], which only can occur through igniting an international Jihadist war and being unafraid of anyone on this path.

The Islamic revolution of Iran is the mother and original of all the Islamic revolutions. From the beginning, Imam (Khomeini) stated that we would export the Islamic revolution and now it has been accomplished, and now we reached Lebanon and Gaza and will reach the other regions.


Do you think it was simply a coincidence that within seven months four Arab regimes were overthrown?  If it’s God’s will, hopefully in the coming months or years, three or four more of these Arab regimes will be toppled. For this reason, we must be prepared for an international war. Our intelligence and sabotage forces must be ready and adequately equipped to undertake such a mission like, for example, the same operation that the Islamic republic recently carried out and produced in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.