Iran threatens to bomb banks and hotels in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Amir Mousavi, a former Iranian diplomat, and very close to IRGC

Iran holds very strong cards in Pakistan and has the potential to heat up the situation there. Interviewer: Please give an example. “Iran has carried out an operation – which shocked the Pakistanis- when it lured the terrorists in Waziristan north of Pakistan, 1800 km away from the Iranian border. The IRGC brought the terrorists from there who carried out attacks against the border guards in Zahedan four or five years before. I think any hotel in the UAE or Saudi Arabia that gives refuge to these terrorists, training center or any bank that supports them financially will be a target for the Iranian Army. I think Saudi Arabia and UAE must seize this opportunity. If they are courageous and respect their neighbors, they should submit the necessary information, hand over these terrorists to the Iranian authorities, apologize and close up this file peacefully, or else the Iranians will not keep silent.