Hassan Rouhani: some countries in region are hostile

Hassan Rouhani: Our nation will certainly revenge the blood of these martyrs. We want a brotherly, intimate relation with all [countries] in the region. We have never started invasion in the entire region. We must unite and be together. We must protect the security of the entire region. We must have brotherly and friendly relation with all our neighbors. Unfortunately, some of our neighbors have chosen a wrong path, and have taken shelter with America and Zionist. They think that powerful Iran has an eye on them. Iran is after a friendly, brotherly, intimately relationship with all countries of the region. In southern parts of Iran’s waters, there are countries that can all be our close brothers. Some of them have good intimate relations with us. There are a couple of countries that unfortunately do not have close relations with us or are hostile. This is to their disadvantage and to disadvantage of the entire region. Today our life in provinces of Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchistan, Bushehr, and Khuzestan must be in such a way that if someone goes to a street, he cannot distinguish if it is Shia or Sunni. We must unite. We invite all nations of the region to a good, brotherly relationship. We must drive out America and Zionist and unite with nations of the region. We can protect and guard this region very well. We don’t need America or foreign forces. The sooner they leave the region, the more the region will become stable and people will become happier.

[Iranian President Hassan Rouhani calls some of the countries of the region hostile towards Iran, saying this is to their and the region’s disadvantage.]