40 years of significant military power

[IRGC Second-in-command, Brigadier-General Hossein Salami, tries to justify IRGC’s insatiable desire for military power. The Islamic Republic spends billions of dollars on its military industry, while people are struggling to make ends meet in their day to day lives.]

Brigadier-General Hossein Salami: We have achieved valuable experience during the past 40 years. One of these big experiences is that in today’s world, independence, sovereignty, progress, and security are not possible without power. It means that in today’s world, the logic of power exists in the relations between the countries, not the power of logic. It means that our big enemies understand the language of power. If you can’t talk to them with the language of power, they will talk to you with the language of power. Our political literature is fully supported with a hidden power within the society which will show itself whenever diplomacy or politics requires that. As such, the nation can have security and pursue its political goals powerfully. This is what we are after.

Date of monitoring: 02/02/2019

Source: IRIB Channel 2