Sharif Assadi slams woes inflicted on Iranian people


[Saheb Sharif Assadi, the Mazandaran lawmaker, severely criticizes the social, cultural, political problems Iranians are suffering from.]

Saheb Sharif Assadi: Tens and hundreds of other small and big problems such as rent-seeking and embezzlements are announced by our own IRIB. Soaring prices, inflation, unemployment, sleeping in graves, recession, working as porters, homelessness, child laborers, addiction, divorce, financial institutes, starred students, censorships, filtering, morality police, smuggling brothers [in IRGC], failing Mehr housing project are just parts of woes and afflictions that people have been struggling with. They have become frustrated because once a generation opened its eyes and saw Motaheri, Taleghani, Beheshti, Mossadeq, and Bazargan. But today this generation opens its eyes and sees Mortazavi, Khavari, Toosi, Rahimi, and Zanjani.

Date of monitoring: 24/01/2019