Khamenei: Europeans’ human rights demands from Iran are shameless!

Ali Khamenei: They are blinding their own people in Paris’ streets. The protestors who are moving in Paris’ streets are assaulted by the government’ armed forces. And many are blinded. This is how they treat their own people. Then they have human rights demands from us. Who on earth are you? What have you got to do with human rights that you dare to have human rights demands from another country or another nation? Do you know anything about human rights? You don’t know anything about it today; you didn’t know anything about it in the past or in your history. This is the way they are. But they shamelessly demand something selfishly and arrogantly. They cannot be trusted, they cannot be respected.

[Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei claims French government blinds protestors in Paris’ streets. Islamic Republic is accused of torturing and raping those who have been detained in protests.]