Collecting money in Qom for Yemenis!

Narrator: They have put a charity box there. This guy is asking people to help Yemen and Palestine.

–And now it is our religious duty as Muslims to support the oppressed and defenseless people of Yemen with our cash aid to confront and uproot the Saudis. Today more than 11 million Yemenis need our humanitarian aids.

Narrator: This is Masumeh Shrine in city of Qom.

–So let’s follow Zahra who was the supporter of the first oppressed of the world, Imam Ali, and gave her life for him. With our cash aid, we too can help the injured Yemeni kids.

Narrator: He asks people to help Yemenis. This is Masumeh Shrine in Qom.

[People in Masumeh Shrine in Qom pay no attention to call for cash aids for Yemenis. Iranian people have openly expressed their dissatisfaction with Islamic Republic foreign policy in helping Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon.]