“Europe can’t fulfill obligations in JCPOA”!

Iranian expert in international affairs, Abulfazl Zahrvand

 [Iranian expert in international affairs, Abulfazl Zahrvand, holds that Europeans are not bent on doing their obligations in the nuclear deal due to challenges they are facing themselves now.]

 Abulfazl Zahrvand: The problem of protests in France – the Yellow-vests – or the issue of growth of right movements and extremist nationalism, and above all the challenges between European countries. Under such conditions, Europe itself had problems for launching SVP. They had challenges such as whether it should be in France or Germany. But now they are facing the challenge of collapse from within. Under such conditions, Europeans need to have some excuses for saving face, so that they can cover up the issue for the time being and postpone it. But if Europe can overcome these difficulties, then it is possible to take steps in this regard.

Date of monitoring: 14/1/2019

Source: IRIB News