IRGC Second-in-Command warns Europeans over missile talk

Brigadier-General Hossein Salami: I want all those who hear my words today – all powers – understand the new reality with regard to Islamic Republic’s missile power: we have no deterrence with regard to increasing the range, the precision in higher ranges, and the desired destructive power and strong propelling force. It is only our strategies that will determine our priorities for developing missile’s technology and capability. Our defense strategy is not something fixed. It can change according to any changes in other actors’ behaviors. What does that mean? It means that today if Europeans or others, based on a conspiracy, want to follow disarming Islamic Republic’s missiles, we will be forced to turn to a strategic leap. Pay attention. I am not going to explain the meaning of strategic leap now. But we can change all the factors involved in the geography and the technology of the missile capability. So this is my advice to all: in the issue of Islamic Republic’s missile power which is one of our deterring powers against modern threats, no one should ask us for any negotiations, or have any recommendations or demands from us.

[IRGC Second-in-Command, Brigadier-General Hossein Salami, warns Europeans that Iran’s missile program is non-negotiable, and if anyone even makes a demand in this regard, Iran might change its strategy with regard to missile range.]