Zarif defends JCPOA in Parliament, again!

Mohammad Javad Zarif: Why do you blame Islamic Republic for the US criminal regime not fulfilling its commitments? Why do you call JCPOA that is an honor for the country Treaty of Turkmenchay? We gained enough commitments. And we reported it. It is the US regime which pulled out of the deal, just as it pulled out of thousands of other deals. It is an administration which doesn’t respect the absolute principles of international law. What do you expect it from it? Who says we acted based on trust? We offered the report of implementing the JCPOA to the Parliament, and you made up your mind. And now whatever you decide, we will do it. We have no problems with that. Do you think it is a problem for me to pull out of the JCPOA? It is not my decision; it is for the country to decide. The country must decide about it. But you should know that the JCPOA has had so many interests for the country that Mr. Trump has been trying for two years to destroy these interests. And today he is isolated in the world.