IRGC Second-in-command explains Iran’s defense strategy (2)

Brigadier General Salami: If the enemy can concentrate its power in certain points, it will create difficulties. So what is the solution? The strategic, as well as convictional, logic says that you must corrode the enemy’s power in time and place – deterioration and corrosion of the enemy’s forces which are strong but limited. This is a pattern, an idea and a strategic approach for organizing a defensive power that can create great victories in apparently unequal situation. When we set the goal of defending the destitute as our own ideal and final point of our own defense, certain powers will be shaped in other places of Islamic and non-Islamic lands which will become naturally aligned with us. It means that defense powers in disconnected places of the world will become aligned with our great defense power. Then the front will expand, and the enemy will be isolated. Going beyond the limitations – geographical limitations, time limitations, resource limitations, human resource limitations – is one of the key points in creating balance of power with the enemies for us.