IRGC Second-in-command explains Iran’s defense strategy (1)

Reporter: IRGC Second-in-command, in the forum for defense-security architecture of Islamic Republic, said Iran’s defensive power is fluid and endless. Brigadier General Salami said that in Islam’s defensive logic, defense doesn’t have any clear-cut border. And our defense circle includes all the destitute in the world. Salami said with regard to Israel’s attack against the Resistance front in Syria that if Israel does anything to start a new war, that war will certainly lead to annihilation of Israel and regaining the occupied lands.

Brigadier General Salami: The important point is what distinguishes us from the others and makes us a perfect example of ourselves, not a copy of the defense system in the east or the west of the world. So this is an important point. But when we act with this logic, we will find friends, advocates and the mujahids who have same ideals throughout the world. When we are tied with others with regard to goal and ideal, other defensive powers are shaped in other places that are inspired by these teachings, motivations, and convictions. This is what leads to creation of a big defense front. We are fighting big powers of the world. And they have mobilized all their forces for defeating us during past 40 years, trying to focus on us. The first thing that our defense system had to do – and has done – was to destroy this concentration of power in certain points.