Iran to bolster economic presence in Syria

Eshaq Jahangiri: Just as we stood by the government and people of Syria during fight with terrorism, we will be standing by the government and people of Syria during the new period of economic reconstruction. The pre-requisite for any economic move is banking cooperation. Today, the heads of the central bank of Islamic Republic and governor of the central bank of Syria, as well as Syrian economic minister openly announced in the meeting that there have been good agreements for banking cooperation. Rail connection between the Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea through Iran, Iraq and Syria was one the most important issues that were emphasized. Given the experience, knowledge, and the ability of Islamic Republic in constructing power plants – as Iran is one of the well-known countries in constructing power plants – it was agreed to put reconstruction and construction of power plants in the agenda. And the first power plant will be operative in Latakia. The joint chamber of commerce of both countries will start its work in Damascus.

[Iranian First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri talks of economic agreements between Islamic Republic and Syria to consolidate Iran’s presence in Syria.]