Prediction of 50% inflation in Iran’s next year’s budget

Iranian lawmaker Amirabadi Farahani

 [Iranian lawmaker Amirabadi Farahani says Iran’s budget for the next year predicts 50% point-to-point inflation, as well as the poverty line of 4,500,000 tomans in Tehran for a family of four.]

 Amirabadi Farahani: We can see negative percentage for the 2019-2020 budget, as well as roughly 50% of point-to-point inflation and 36% of annual inflation.

Host: 50% point-to-point inflation?

Amirabadi Farahani: Yes. And 36% of annual inflation. Also, the poverty line for a family of four in this budget is roughly 2,255,000 tomans per month. In Tehran, this number is different. It is roughly 4,592,000 tomans per months.

Host: It means that in Tehran under 4,500,000 tomans is considered under the poverty line, right?

Amirabadi Farahani: 4,592,000 tomans.

Host: How many people do you think have this income?

Amirabadi Farahani: People’s income is much less than this. But what I am saying this based on statistics and numbers extracted from the budget. We can see some crises in the budget: foreign currency – the parliament must do something about this – banking crisis, and also financial crisis.




Source: Channel 3

Date of monitoring: 23/01/2019