Iran accuses Saudis of being accomplice in assassination of Emad Mughniyah

–It announced the role of Germany’s intelligence service in assassinating Emad Mughniyah. But during the investigations of Syrian intelligence services after the assassination, some information and confessions were obtained, and it took 4 years to publish them. Confessions of Saudi former ambassador to America, and head of the National Security Council of Saudi Arabia in being accomplice in this assassination. Several weeks after assassination of Emad Mughniyah, Bandar bin Sultan who was trying to secretly and anonymously enter Syria, was trapped by Syrian security forces, and he was residing in Damascus in custody for a while. During his detention, he confessed that the main goal in assassinating Emad Mughniyah – particularly on the anniversary of assassinating Rafiq Hariri – was to kindle the fire under the ashes and sowing discord between Hezbollah and Syria. But he also made another important confession: planning for equipping the opponents of Syrian government and overthrowing Bashar Assad. Despite the promises that Saudi Arabia had made in exchange for the silence of Syrian government, the Saudi-Zionist plan was implemented, and the fire of war and insecurity caused by Takfiri-terrorist groups broke out in Syria. But as the result of Syrian war, Hezbollah and Syria got closer and the Axis of Resistance was bolstered, thus a new front against Zionist regime was created in Golan.