EU neither wants to nor can help Iran

Iranian political pundit, Hafaif Ghafari

 [Iranian political pundit, Hafaif Ghafari, holds that the reason that Europeans are not taking any measures to help Iran after the US pulling out of the nuclear deal is that they don’t want to, and they can’t do so. That is why they keep postponing their promises.]

 Hafif Ghafari: The United States took the role of the main player and the role of the independent variable, which Europe had the role of the dependent variable. This is partly due to the international order, and partly because of the European Union’s game and the way its relation is defined with the United States. This relationship still exists between Europe and America. This shows that, on the one hand, the United States has been able to impose its dominance over Europe. And on the other hand, when we say Europe has an absolute will in this regard, [that is not true]. There is a relative political will in Europe, and it is not absolute. It means that in many cases, Europe didn’t want to take this measure. And now we are witnessing that the European officials made promises about not just the end of the year [2018], but made promises about November. And previously, they were going to do it in August. But they didn’t do so. This shows that they neither want to nor can take this measure.

Date of monitoring: January 9, 2019

Source: Channel 2