Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, former defense minister

“New security arrangement in the region”!

 [Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, the former defense minister, talks about the goals of holding International Conference on Defense and Security in West Asia, urging that a new security arrangement is being shaped in the region to the advantage of Islamic Republic.]

 Reporter: What is the goal of holding this conference and what is Iran’s place in the security of the region?

Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi: We are witnessing changes in the region – victories of Resistance Axis in Syria, the formation of a post-ISIS government in Iraq, admitting that western countries and Arab reactionaries must stop the war in Yemen. All these are merely shows that are moving forward in the region. The region can have new security arrangements. And of course, there are hindrances to the formation of new security arrangements in the region: American intrusive policies including the unpermitted entrance of its president to Iraq, as well as other terrorist planning which is taking place in the region for finding a new place for ISIS. As a result of these issues, as we move forward, we must be careful about new moves that are against stability in the region. This conference deals with these two issues.

Date of monitoring: January 18, 2018

Source: IRIB, Channel 1