IRGC Chief to Netanyahu: don’t play with lion’s tail!

IRGC Chief Mohammad Ali Jafari

[As the war of words continues between the Islamic Republic and Israel, IRGC Chief Mohammad Ali Jafari threatens Netanyahu, stressing that Iran will stay in Syria. Israel has attacked Iran’s positions and forces in Syria hundreds of times; Iran has not responded to these attacks.]

 Anchor: Don’t play with lion’s tail. This was IRGC Chief’s response to Netanyahu’s threats. Israeli prime minister had threatened to attack Iran’s positions in Syria. Major General Jafari called these threats ludicrous, urging that Iran will keep its military advisors, equipment and weapons in Syria for training and empowering the Resistance and backing Syrian people. And if Iran is showing patience with regard to miserable measures of the Zionist regime, there is greater wisdom involved.

 Date of Monitoring: January 18, 2019

Source: IRINN