Iran commemorates the anniversary of taking US sailors as captives!

[On January 12, 2016, two US navy boats were seized by IRGC navy. The sailors were released 15 hours later. IRGC sees this minor incident as a huge victory for itself in confronting America.]

 Anchor: Today, January 12, the brave, admirable measure of homeland’s soldiers was reminded in the cyberspace and users’ web pages. It was the second anniversary of taking US sailors as captives by IRGC navy forces when they entered the Gulf’s waters. On this anniversary, the users used titles like ‘defenders of the Gulf’ to talk about the consequences of this significant, historical incident. One user wrote, ‘on the threshold of the 40th anniversary of the revolution, let’s remember the defenders of the Gulf who strongly confronted invasive measure of the US Navy forces, disgraced them and made the whole world laugh at them.’ ‘#First-class idiots’ is also one of the issues related to Americans these days.


Date of monitoring: January 12, 2019

Source: IRIB, Channel 2