“US statesmen are ‘clowns’”!

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei

 [Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei calls US statesmen ‘clowns’, in his meeting with Qom’s clerics. Iran is accused of systematic violation of human rights.]

 Ali Khamenei: Their courage and their rationality. This too is the other duty of the officials. They must be courageous and shouldn’t back off against rantings. They should do whatever is right and whatever they should do against nonsenses of American and European statesmen and others. You see what nonsenses they say! Sometimes they talk like clowns. An American statesman who wanted to embarrass us in the world comes and said Iran must learn human rights from Saudi Arabia. What can we say to him? Can we call him anything but clown? Words of such people – their threats, their pledges, their promises – and their signatures are worthless!

Date of monitoring: 09/01/2019

Source: IRIB.