Addiction in Iranian Schools

[A report by Tavaana on the growing use of drugs in Iranian schools.]

 –Growing use of drugs in Iranian schools.

–According to official statistics, 2% of students in the second grade of middle school have experienced narcotic drugs.

–Law enforcement: in 2017, 1.9 tons of narcotic drug were discovered within 500 meters of schools.

–Anti-drug police: this year more than 2000 kilograms of narcotic drugs have been discovered in the vicinity of 500 schools.

–Most of the discovered drugs around the schools were hashish and pot, and all over the country opium and heroin.

–Khezri, lawmaker: age of addiction has reached 12, with most of the addicts having a tendency to use industrial narcotic drugs.

–The students get involved in drugs and addiction from the 5th grade of primary school to high school.

–More than 80% of addicted university students have started using drugs since schools.

Date of Monitoring: 05/ 01 /2019

Source: Tvana – Iran Tag Channel – Youtube