Iran Consolidates Relations with Turkey

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and Turkish president Erdogan

[This footage from IRINN shows the recent press conference of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and Turkish president Erdogan. Rouhani urges on Iran’s close ties with Turkey, declaring future plans to further cooperation.]

 Hassan Rouhani: Nobody, no power, no third country is able to harm our neighborly, brotherly, and friendly relationship. I find it necessary here to thank Mr. Erdogan and the Turkish government for their clear, decisive stance against the US unilateralism and illegal, unfair sanctions against Iran. It means that both countries are committed to law, rules, common interests, and ethics. Under current conditions, US measure against Iran is 100% a terrorist measure. As for Yemen, given the tough conditions for Yemeni people, we have agreed to have consultations – and cooperate with each other – with regard to creating peace in Yemen and helping Yemeni-Yemeni talks, as well as humanitarian, helps to Yemen.

Date of Monitoring: 06/01/2019

Source: IRINN – Iran Tag Channel – Youtube