“US officials are ‘idiots’”!

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei

 [Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei calls US statesmen ‘idiots’, in his meeting with Qom’s clerics. Khamenei is notorious for foul-mouthing American officials in his public speeches.]

Ali Khamenei: One of the American statesmen said in the midst of some thugs and terrorists that he hopes or wishes to celebrate 2019 Christmas in Tehran – the very 2019 Christmas that was several days ago. This is their power of calculation! These are the same people whose calculations require having such hope. Just like Saddam Hossein who hoped to take Tehran in a week! Just like their other mercenary, MEK, that hoped to move from Kermanshah and directly come to Tehran in three days. This is their calculation! Some of the American statesmen pretend to be crazy. Of course, I don’t buy it. But they are really first-class idiots!

Date of monitoring: 09/01/2019

Source: IRIB.