Larijani’s Resume!

[Sadegh Amoli Larijani has been recently appointed by Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei as head of Expediency Discernment Council. He plays a key role in the violation of human rights in Iran and is under the sanction for it.]


–Know more about Sadegh Larijani:

–Representative in the 3rd, 4th and 5th terms of Assembly of Experts from Mazandaran Province since 1998.

–Appointed by Khamenei as a member of Islamic jurists in the Guardian Council since 2001.

–Appointed by Khamenei as head of the Judiciary since 2009.

–Larijani has also been members of these oppressive entities: Supreme National Security Council, Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution.

–He has 63 personal accounts with annual interests of 250 billion tomans, which have been in his possession since 2009.

–Sentences for arresting political activists and defenders of human rights are issued under his supervision.

–Direct role in the violent confrontation with protesters in social unrests.

–Larijani has a serious role in closing cases of corruption and theft by people backed by the establishment and government rent-seeking.

–International sanctions against him:

–Larijani has been sanctioned by European Union for violating the rights of Iranian citizens since 2012.

–He is also under sanction by US State Department for violation of human rights since January 2017.

[From the Forum of Public and Revolution Prosecutor on 29 September 2016]

Larijani: One of the factors making punishments more effective is their being timely, quick and decisive. The fact that some say executions have been useless is absolutely wrong. That is because if it weren’t for strict measures of the judiciary system and law enforcement’s help, we wouldn’t know what would have happened to the country. As a matter of fact, we do know that the situation would be much worse.

–Now a monster called Sadegh Amoli Larijani has become head of Expediency Discernment Council.


Date of Monitoring: 07/01/2019

Source: Telegram – @manamsp – Iran Tag – Youtube