Threatening Saudi Arabia

I want to say a word directed to the royal family of Al- Saudis and want to dedicate these words to our martyrs who were murdered during the Haj. The Supreme Leader and the great leaders of the Iranian armed forces have stated that if Saudis will not adhere to the principle of treating our Iranian pilgrims with politeness and dignity, then our response will be hard and violent.  As an officer serving in the service of our Iranian army’s ground forces and in charge of  an artillery unit, I would like to declare that I and all the troops are fervently ready to launch a bloody confrontation, man to man, shoulder-to-shoulder against the al-Saud mercenaries and stooges. If the Iranian ballistic missiles are fired at Saudi Arabia, then with all honor, I swear that the day will be dark as night. And I promise you, even grasshoppers will not survive for Saudis to eat them. And that is it. Thank you for listening to me