Sadegh Larijani: US afraid of Iran!

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Sadegh Larijani

 [Iran’s Judiciary Chief Sadegh Larijani talks about failure of the US sanctions against Iran and how Iran has become other countries’ role model in the region. Iran is currently under heavy pressure of US sanctions.]

 Sadegh Larijani: They had claimed that they will cut selling oil by Iran to zero. Mr. Trump had told some heads of European countries that ‘cooperate with me only for a couple of months, Islamic Republic will deteriorate’. God Almighty has made them stupid. And incidentally, this is what Americans are afraid of – both in Islamic Republic and in the region. Today, Islamic Republic has become the role model for the resistance in the region. Look at Yemen and see what people are doing empty-handed. Look at what they are doing in southern Lebanon and Lebanon, and in other countries such as Syria and Iraq. They have taken their models from Islamic Republic. And Americans were afraid of this.