While Iran has 17% resources of the world, 40 million people under the poverty line!

[Iranian pundit slams the government officials for not knowing how to their jobs.]

 –I have said something and I have been chastised for it. I have said that our officials do not know how to do their jobs, and those who do know how to do the job are not officials. We have 17% of mine, fuel, and energy resources of the world. We are the corridor for the global community. We are in the international heartline. We have access to the sea from north and south. We are in the middle of God’s abundance. And then how come 40 million people are under the poverty line? That is why I say the management of that time should come now. Look at the government officials with astronomical paychecks. We tell them that your organization has not been productive or profitable; why do you get more than 50 million tomans per month? He says because I am one of the managers of the country. Gandhi has a beautiful sentence: when values change, wrong people become valuable.