Why Expelling Iran’s Ambassador to Albania?

[Recently Albania announced it had expelled two Iranian diplomats, who were suspected of involvement in activities against the country’s security. Reportedly, it was linked to a plot to attack a World Cup qualifying match in 2016 between Albania and Israel.]

Reporter: Measure in Albanian style. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson responded to the question as to why we are not expelling Albanian diplomats in counter-measure, saying that ‘Albanian government has no embassy in Iran, so we cannot expel its ambassador or representative. But we have expressed our objection through other channels’. Albania which has become a safe haven for MEK these days expelled our country’s ambassador and diplomat on baseless accusations. This measure was immediately welcomed by America, Israel, and Saudis. With regard to the US forces pulling out of Syria, Ghassemi said that entering and presence of American forces in the region was a mistake from the beginning and created tension; it was one of the main reasons for instability and insecurity in the region.