Afghan military official: Islamic Republic provides for Talibans

Reporter: There are reporters that Taliban receives weapons and equipments from Russia. And there are reports from the west as to Talibans being provided by Iran. What do you think about this?

Military official: In western Afghanistan, we have evidences, and there are proofs. But all together Afghanistan government and the president took part in Rouhani’ inauguration, and they have direct relationship and negotiations with them. We are trying to resolve the problems through talks and understanding with the neighboring country and taking measures.

Reporter: Does that mean that the president has shared with Iran the intelligence that you have from western Afghanistan as to Iran’s backing Talibans?

Military official: Undoubtedly, I don’t have exact information in this regard. Buy I am sure that the president has held negotiation and must have certainly raised this issue.

[Afghan military official talks about Iran backing Taliban in western Afghanistan.]