Tehran’s new Friday Mass Prayer leader mocks US president

Haj Ali Akbari: Today you see the enemy’s condition. If a civilization on the rise here, the western-American civilization is on decline there. The issue of US forces miserably pulling out of the region isn’t insignificant. Of course, we are watchful about their other conspiracies. But this pulling out of forces and then the nightly, secretive, shameful presence of the US weird president in Iraq [are not insignificant]. He then talked regretfully of spending billions of dollars, and now they have to come with fear and intimidation. Iraqi people and government didn’t welcome him, and he then left shamefully. Their forces too will leave the region. The presence of Americans and their forces brings nothing but calamity and misfortune. Wherever they have gone, they have brought nothing but misery and calamity for that region and the people of that land. We are happy they are leaving. We wish they hadn’t come, and we wish they had left earlier. The Middle East, as the call it, and western Asia became the graveyard of American wishes due to the resistance of Iranian people.

[Haj Ali Akbari, Tehran’s new Friday Mass Prayer leader, mocks US president Trump for his recent trip to Iraq.]