Tehran’s new Friday Mass Prayer leader talks of gold chain of resistance in region

Haj Ali Akbari: Today we see that by God’s grace the Zionist regime is spending tough times against our nation. The average for defeating them has reached two days. Are these unimportant? Resistance Front today has become gold chain of resistance in the region – from Hezbollah in Lebanon to Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, from National Forces in Syria to Ansar Allah in Yemen, from popular resistance in Nigeria to Bahrain and to devout resistance of an oppressed nation – meaning honorable, brave Yemen. The gold chain of resistance has been formed in the region. And this is the condition of our region. These are the results of the resistance. Our nation has tasted the sweet taste of the resistance and is enjoying its fruits in different fields. And it has also become an inspiration to the region. The evil remains and ISIS have left the region. And those who were thinking of being masters in the region and created that worthless coalition in the region are now facing crisis of existence.

[Haj Ali Akbari, Tehran’s new Friday Mass Prayer leader, talks of formation of resistance chain in the region as achievements of Islamic Republic. Meanwhile, Iranian establishment itself is struggling with many crises inside the country due to US sanctions.]