Does the revolution mean to seize people’s houses and looting their money?

Dissident Mehdi Khazali, son of the well-known Ayatollah Khazali


 [Dissident Mehdi Khazali, son of the well-known Ayatollah Khazali, explains how his sister has taken advantage of the Islamic revolution to make a fortune for herself.]

 Mehdi Khazali: They confiscated some land from Mr. Mokhber. Why? And they are diehard supporters of velayat! Just today, we were arguing. They said they consider me anti-revolutionary. I told them if revolution means that you seize people’s houses and have 500 billion tomans of assets and all these, then I am anti-revolutionary. If revolution means pocketing, looting and embezzling people’s money, then I am anti-revolutionary. What do you understand from the revolution? My brother’s skull was crushed. Let me say it officially: Maryam Khazali who is the diehard supporter of velayat and whose voice is here saying ‘we shouldn’t give any inheritance to this brother, because he spends it on the anti-revolutionaries’, the revolution means to you that you can go to Elahiyeh [in Tehran] and usurp and confiscate a piece of land and build a house so big that your child says ‘I get lost in it’.