Iranian lawmaker: dollar price is at 19,000 tomans!

Amir Khojasteh: Today, we are living with [price of] dollar at 19000 tomans. We explained it and we emphasized that government officials must control [the price of] foreign currency. Today we see that dollar is at 19000 tomans. Dollar went up to 19000 tomans. [Price of] Goods and other items are at 19000 tomans. Today goods and other items are not based on [dollar at] 10000 or 11000 tomans. We brought down the price of dollar just in appearance. The price of goods is high. And it must come down. Why do you get upset? The prices are not real, and they must come down.

[Iranian lawmaker Amir Khojasteh explains why the real price of dollar is still 19000 tomans in Iranian market.]