Iranian pundit: we should take Europe’s needs as hostage

–The first thing we should do is to set a deadline and clearly say that if by the end of this time and with particular features that we want – not with features that Europeans have agreed upon with the US behind the closed doors – if there is no agreed mechanism between Europe and Iran by then, we will reconsider Iran’s obligations in the JCPOA. We must be able to use our tools and components of our national power. We must take Europe’s needs for the JCPOA as hostage. We must go to our non-European economic partners and have stronger interactions with them, thus creating a condition in which Europe feels that the cost of not staying committed to the JCPOA is high. Only then meaningful talks will start.

[In this footage from IRIB, Channel 2, January 1, Iranian political expert Mehdi Mohammadi proposes taking Europe’s needs as hostage in negotiations with European countries over the JCPOA.]