Rouhani mocks Trump’s trip to Iraq

Hassan Rouhani: And secretly, he [Trump] goes to a small military base, takes a few pictures with militaries there, gives a short speech, and a couple of hours later, he leaves Iraq. This means you have failed, this means that you have not succeeded, this means that Iraqi people are not happy with you. You don’t dare to appear among Iraqi people – let alone Syria that you don’t dare at all [to go to], or Lebanon that you don’t dare at all [to go to], or Yemen that you don’t dare at all [to go to]. In which country of the region, in which nation of the region are you popular? I hope these will be lessons for 2019. Perhaps, the White House will learn the lesson and stop interfering in lives of other nations – particularly Palestinian nation in which they are constantly interfering and in Al Quds, which belongs to the world of Islam and all Muslims. They should learn the lesson and act within the framework of laws and rules.

[IRIB footage shows Hassan Rouhani’s speech in cabinet meeting on January 2, in which Rouhani talks of US failure in the region.]