Zarif: Iran won’t negotiate with US in emergency condition

–Considering the conditions that exist between Iran and America, what do you think will happen?

Zarif: In my opinion, the conditions and relationship will continue in the same challenging way. I don’t think that Americans, despite all their unwise decisions, decide on intensifying relationship with Iran. Of course, we are ready for all conditions. And Iranian people have proved they will seriously defend their country. But we are not after conflict. And I don’t think anybody else is after conflict, either.

–Chinese analysts are sure that after 6 months, Iran has no way but to negotiate with America. What is your response to them?

Zarif: I think that they will change their analysis after 6 months. We will never negotiate with American in emergency conditions. It wasn’t us who pulled out of the negotiation. Until last April, meaning 8 months ago, Americans were in the JCPOA and were negotiating with us. They pulled out. They abandoned the negotiations. It is up to them to return to negotiations. I think that Chinese analysts will reach the conclusion that America has no choice but to change its decision.

–Dr. Rouhani has said that if Iran can’t export oil, other countries can’t either.

[In interview with a Chinese TV network, Iran’s FM Mohammad Javad Zarif urges that Iran will not hold talks with America under pressure.]