Regime boasts of new long-range ballistic missiles

The reporter explains in this show that Zulfikar missile system is a new generation of Iranian ballistic missiles classes that benefit from solid fuel supplies. It joined the middle-range of Iranian missiles. With the production of this system, a new series of range ballistic missiles with solid-propellant by two thousand km range was completed. As you can see, here we have Fateh-110 ballistic missile with a range of 250 Km, Fateh 313 with a range of 500 Km, Zulfikar missile with a range of 700 Km, and Sejil missile with a range of 2000 Km.

 He adds that Zulfikar system is a tactical, flexible and high-speed lubrication missile that in a short time under any weather condition can be fired with high pinpoint accuracy.

The reporter also says, “This system has pad Launcher, with efficient, practical duration which is capable of launching consecutive firing. Besides this, Zulfikar missile which holds the same name of the system is accurate, invisible to radar, and with a high effectiveness that is among the most advanced and most capable missiles known in the world.”  

Finally, the reporter ends by saying that Zulfikar missile with the capability of separating warheads, containing several warheads, each capable of being aimed to hit one of a group of targets. It is capable of reducing the level of   Radar cross Section ((RCS).  In other words, such missile has been designed to have low detectability; the Missile has features that give it a low RCS, and it passes Missile Systems without being detected. And with a broad range of targets such as radar sites, bases, and military airports of an enemy and with a range of 700 km and with an accuracy of less than ten meters with explosive warheads can destroy them.