Iranian pundit to Arab countries’ rulers: beware of what happened to Anwar Sadat

Seyyed Hadi Seyed Afeghi, an Iranian political analyst

[In this footage from IRIB, Seyyed Hadi Seyed Afeghi, an Iranian political analyst threatens the rulers of Arab countries like Oman, Qatar, and UAE that what happened to Anwar Sadat might happen to them if they get close to Israel.]

 Host: Recently we have witnessed that some Arab governments are openly establishing relations with the Zionist regime [Israel]. What do you think is the impact of this victory and Resistance on such moves?

–The first of all such normalization of relations and Netanyahu’s propaganda meetings with this or that country in the Gulf like Oman, Qatar and UAE have no impact on the Resistance. And the Resistance is moving forward. That is because they are the real owners. Second, these rulers must rely on their own people and not the support of the Zionist regime against the wave of Islamic awakening. Third, I think that the rulers must reconsider their calculations and do not betray the issue of Palestine any longer, because something like what happened to Mr. Anwar Sadat after signing Camp David Accords might happen to them as well and they might be punished for their own actions by their own people.