A call for cutting officials’ salaries

Iranian MP Mohammad Reza Sabaghian Bafghi

[Iranian MP Mohammad Reza Sabaghian Bafghi suggests that Iranian officials must cut their own salaries to sympathize with Iranians who are suffering from poor economic conditions.] 

Sabaghian Bafghi: But unfortunately, instead of dealing with main issues, we have dealt with regional issues and side stories. And as a result, today the parliament is being gradually removed from decision taking and decision-making processes. And we are just happy with unimportant issues. Perhaps until the day the supreme leader – with his wisdom, brilliant record and his respect for people’s votes – is alive, there won’t be any problems. But undoubtedly this process will prepare certain grounds that threaten the establishment, people and even the leadership in the future. At least, to express our sympathy with them [people] – just as Croatian president reduced 30% and Latin American president 50% of their salaries – we, the officials, should decrease our salaries from 30 to 50 percent. And heads of branches, particularly parliament’s speaker, must pioneer in this charitable and moral act to alleviate people’s ailments. If possible, all officials and lawmakers must join this campaign and charitable act. For start, I will not receive 50% of my salary until there is an improvement is an economic condition. I will declare it to the parliament’s speaker in a letter.

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