“You have made people miserable”!

Iranian MP Khademi

 [In a fiery speech in the Iranian parliament, Iranian MP Khademi objects to Iranian statesmen making Iranian people poor and miserable.]

 Khademi: You have made Iranian people miserable. You have taken away their respect and self-confidence. They have become so poor and helpless. To provide for the costs of their lives, they have turned to selling body organs including their kidneys. See what you have done with a country which has 1% of the world population and 8% of the world resources! Economic corruption has ruined the foundation of the country and the majority of the officials. And we have admitted that we are a corrupt, inefficient country. Majority of statesmen during the past 30 years have treated people and the country unfairly and have betrayed the people’s trust. If they had an iota of conscience, honor or courage, they would hang themselves for all these inefficiencies, injustices, corruptions and betraying the youths. Some of the country’s officials chant slogans of death to America and Britain. But how come their children live in these countries?