Mughniyeh’s daughter: ‘I sacrifice my life for Khamenei

At this conference the daughter of martyr Imad Mughniyah, Fatemeh Mughniyah speaks. A CIA report says that this lady’s father caused the position of the West in the past two decades to suffer heavy damages and to be affected by adversity and loss.

The speaker of the conference asks Fatemeh Mughniyah: “Would you like to meet with the daughter of General Qassem Soleimani?” He adds, “Zeinab Soleimani please come on this platform beside Fatemeh.”  The speaker of the conference says, “how joyful this moment is, we gain life and breathe from both these two ladies.”

Fatemeh Mughniyah: “I congratulate the Islamic Nation for all the efforts that they have done on the cultural and artistic front. Thanks to Iran and Ruhollah Khomeini, thanks to the educator, the Guardian and the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei – I sacrifice my life for him.”