Khamenei claims victory over America!

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei

[Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei talks of victory over America while Iran’s economy is on the verge of collapse due to the US sanctions, and Iranians are paying the price of an unwanted enmity with the United States.]

 Ali Khamenei: There is an important truth here which sometimes remains concealed because it is too obvious. And it is a shining truth. It is the fact that during the challenge in the past 40 years, America has been defeated, Iran has been victorious. How can we say that America has been defeated? It is because they started the invasion, they did corrupt things, they imposed sanctions, they did a military attack. But they didn’t reach their goals. In all these, America aims at regaining the dominance they had over the country during Shah. This dominance was destroyed with the revolution. America lost its dominance. The purpose of imposing war, imposing sanctions and economic and political pressures was to bring back that dominance. Well, they failed. It has been 40 years that they have been trying to. But they have failed.