No benefits from JCPOA!


Abbas Araghchi, political deputy to Iranian Foreign Minister

 [Abbas Araghchi, political deputy to Iranian Foreign Minister, admits that Iran is not gaining the benefits of the nuclear deal.]

 Abbas Araghchi: Whether Europe doesn’t want to work with us and is playing us and, just like the United States, they don’t want us to benefit from the JCPOA or Europe wants to and but is not able to work with us due to the US and Israel pressure – the reality is that it makes no difference. The result is that we are facing a condition in which the Europeans couldn’t or wouldn’t – that makes no difference – create a mechanism to provide Iran’s interests in the JCPOA. Our policy is very clear. And there is no doubt in this regard. In so far as staying in the JCPOA is to advantage of our country and it provides our national interests, we will stay in the JCPOA. But if this doesn’t happen, we will not hesitate to quit JCPOA. What reason is there to stay in a deal which doesn’t have anything for us?