Europeans haven’t done anything after US pulling out of JCPOA

Hassan Rouhani: [In sanctioning] Iran, countries of the world didn’t support America.

Host: So you say they supported Iran? [How come] All their companies pulled out of Iran. Production lines of car factories are shutting down one after the other. The support of Europe, Russia, India and China has been more in words than action. Verbal support doesn’t do much for banking relations, shipping lines’ insurance, trading precious metals, and selling petrochemical products.

Kamal Kharazi: These political positions haven’t become practical measures. And the mechanisms they have planned haven’t been implemented yet. Time is flying. And it seems that the trust between Iran and Europe is damaged over this hesitation.

Host: Less than a month ago, Kamal Kharazi reached this conclusion in his trip abroad. And it was just last week that Kharazi’s apprentice, Zarif, couldn’t achieve anything after 2 or 3 weeks of following up to deal with Europeans’ hesitation.

–Zarif explained about the destiny of financial channel with Europe.

Mohammad Javad Zarif: I feel that Europeans have understood this reality and they are taking measures in this regard. We hope to hear good news about it in coming days.

Host: It has been five days since that day, and nothing good has been heard in that regard. It means that not only the Europeans do not buy from or sell to Islamic Republic, but they have stopped their banking transactions with Islamic Republic as well. As a result, Islamic Republic’s money is trapped in Europe.

Mohammad Javad Zarif: After that, what is important is for Europeans to create guarantees to fulfill measures that they committed to at the beginning when the US pulled out of the JCPOA.

Host: As such, seven months after Trump scraping the JCPOA and the US pulling out of the nuclear deal and one month after re-imposing sanctions, Europeans haven’t taken any measures yet.

[Persian program Upozit goes over the failure of Europeans’ financial mechanism which is meant to help save Iran’s economy.]