Islamic Republic mismanaged war with Iraq!

Hassan Rouhani: America was after a coup in Iran and failed. America was after dividing Iran and separating Khuzestan through Aflaqis, and they failed.

Host: He means war with Iraq. The very same war that they made with provoking Saddam Hossein. And of course, before that, they had killed all generals in Iranian Army. They had executed them. They had also returned a series of Iran’s strategic weapons to America, without getting refunded. They didn’t pay any attention to border forces’ warnings. Throughout the war, instead of using the knowledge of the remaining military forces of the Army, they gave the leadership of the war to a bunch of hezbollahis [hardliners in Iran]. During this war, if the US hadn’t secretly given strategic weapons to the ‘holy regime’ and Iranian youths hadn’t dropped themselves on land mines, they would have handed Khuzestan over to Saddam Hossein very easily. Nevertheless, they didn’t treat Khuzestan any better than Saddam.

–The poor Khuzestan! It has no good officials.

Host: On the very same day that Mr. Rouhani was saying ‘if it hadn’t been for us, Khuzestan would have been taken by Aflaqis,’ people in Khuzestan were chanting ‘poor Khuzestan’.

[Persian program Upozit goes over Islamic Republic’s mismanagements during war with Iraq – the war that they themselves provoked.]